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what sets us apart

The Wholesome Lifestyle brand believes that good design has the ability to shape lives and affect behavior, that’s why we aim to design mindfully. Our mission is to create spaces that support people's overall well-being and the environment. Our team is very passionate about improving spaces people spend the most time in to help them improve the way they interact with their environment. Our designs offer beauty and function, taking pride in turning our client's visions for their home into something they never dreamed possible, by using sustainable, biophilic & universal design methods and solutions that support the values they wish to instill in their home. We have come up with key pillars that help us design with intention we call this wholesome design. 


Madison Kohut

Principal Designer & Owner

I am an interior decorating Humber College graduate. But that's not where my journey began. While working towards my diploma in CNC programing & precision machining I worked as a contractor's assistant, where I learned the ins and outs of the trade. I then worked in an aerospace shop for 3 years. Although I enjoyed my time there, I decided I needed to follow my dreams and go back to school for interior design. Combining my two passions, design and nature, I decided to build a brand that aligns with my beliefs, Designing Sustainably. 


I've been an animal person and nature enthusiast from day one. I use the natural environment as inspiration in all of the spaces I design. Creative, passionate, and mindful are three words used to describe me. My personal goal is to design spaces that are aesthetically pleasing as well as beneficial to the health and wellbeing of my clients and the environment. 


I thrive at coming up with creative solutions to transform client's spaces. I don't limit myself when it comes to a design style, I love making client's visions come to life by using sustainable & biophili methods to support their dreams in ways they didn't know were possible. 

My Interests

  • Nature Walks

  • Animals

  • Drawing

  • Baking

  • Swimmer 

  • Water Colour Painting 

  • Pottery 


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