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Style: Contemporary 

Location: Markham, ON

Year: 2021

Off  The Trail Project 

Primary & Secondary Ensuite Transformation

The clients wanted a larger walk-in closet and an ensuite that was more functional. The original ensuite's floor plan was much larger and had a lot of wasted space. The way we achieved this was by remodeling the spaces. We took space from the ensuite to create a generous walk-in closet. The new ensuite was thoughtfully designed, it now offers function and beauty, creating a privet spa-like experience.


The primary ensuite feels grand you are truly immersed in a luxurious experience with a calming atmosphere. The finishes are key to making the space feel tranquil, the space is clean simple with sophistication, and a little bit of glam. A stand-alone tub is a focal point in the space, it sits in front of textured porcelain tiles spotlights capture the movement in the wave-like tiles. This has a calming effect making you feel relaxed. A skylight was put in, this allows an abundance of natural light into the space while still offering privacy. The shower is in closed with glass which makes the room feel airy, a half wall has two functions it conceals the toilet for privacy and houses the bench. All the materials in the space have movement the porcine tiles have veining running throw them, the wave like tiles on the wall & the quartz countertop. All of these materials are finished in a sheen which allows the light the bounces around the room adding to the fresh bright airy feel. The floating vanity houses double sinks with matching mirrors that help draw your glance up to the 9' ceiling. This was designed to make the space feel spacious & grand. The vanity & cabinets' are finished in a dark wood finish which ties the ensuite into the rest of the home. Smart technology adds to the luxury of this space. The chrome fixtures & pendent light adds allure to the ensuite.


The Secondary ensuite over went a simple facelift, sticking to the original floor plan. The finishes in the space are similar to the principal ensuite but we wanted this space to feel special and have its own moment. A custom vanity was made for this space. The window bench that housed the vent was removed to create a makeup nook. The shower tub combo was replaced with a spacious walk-in shower. The shower is enclosed with glass to make the space feel larger and allows the natural light to pour in and bounce around the room. This space may be small in comparison to the principal ensuite but it is luxurious, sleek, and tranquil in a simple understated way.

The Before

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